Find Shade, Ornamental or Evergreen Trees for Sale in Nampa & Boise, ID

Purchase mature specimen trees from Melad Tree Farm

Just south of Lake Lowell in Nampa, ID lies the #1 producer of specimen trees in the Treasure Valley: Melad Tree Farm. Our 20-acre tree farm should be the first place you look for field-grown evergreen, ornamental or shade trees for sale.

Mature trees are available between five and 21 in. wide and up to 40 ft. tall, so you're sure to find a specimen tree that meets your needs. Please note that certain species are only available seasonally.

Contact us now to find out if your favorite shade, ornamental or evergreen trees are for sale.

Over 100 specimen trees installed to date

We're not the only tree farm in Idaho, but we stand out due to our selection of evergreen, ornamental and shade trees for sale. Homeowners, landscapers and construction companies within 150 miles of Nampa, ID rely on us for...

  • Flowering beauties like accolade cherry trees
  • Gorgeous evergreens like Colorado spruce trees
  • Brilliant fall foliage producers like Norway maple trees
Want to browse our selection of shade, ornamental or evergreen trees for sale before you buy? Call 208-850-8601 now to make an appointment.