Nathan Melad,
owner of Melad Tree Farm

Nathan grew up in Nampa, Idaho, earning a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Boise State University and started Melad Tree Farm LLC in 1992. Melad Tree Farm prides itself on being a local family business with deep roots in the Treasure Valley. But most importantly, our staff is what makes us the best in the business! Nathan and his expert crew operate a fleet of trucks on a weekly basis. Our fleet consists of one 100-inch Big John spade truck (largest Big John spade in the Northwest), three 90-inch and two 45-inch Big John’s.

Melad Tree Farm has become the most recognized large specimen tree grower and transplanter in the Northwest with over 30 years in the business, of planting and transplanting trees for homeowners, landscapers, and commercial customers alike.

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truck on tree farm hauling tree specimen

Shade, Ornamental or Evergreen Trees
Melad Tree Farm in Nampa, Idaho

Growing and selling large trees is a specialty and we absolutely love giving our customers the best! We use special construction drive mats that we lay over lawns, brick patios, etc., to get a big truck into someone’s yard without damaging their landscapes.

Some of our trees are 20+ years old. Our deciduous trees such as the Maple, Honey Locust, and Ornamental trees like the Flowering Pear and Flowering Crab Apple have been growing on our farm for years as well as our Evergreens such as the beautiful Norway and Colorado Spruces.

We have about 6,000 trees and we continue to plant baby trees every year as we look to the future, providing our customers with shade and adding value to their homes to enjoy for years to come.

Our main planting and transplanting season is between October and May, so if you see us on the road, say Hi!

Nate Melad
Melad Tree Farm, LLC

I have a passion for trees, I love what I do and I love my customers. Every job is different and it’s fun to meet new people every day and provide them with something that brings them happiness.

-Nate Melad