Residential Tree
Planting and Transplanting

When it comes to your residential property, the mature trees on your land hold immense value. Instead of sacrificing them during home renovations, landscaping projects, or property expansions, consider the option of large tree planting and transplanting services. At Melad Tree Farm, we specialize in helping homeowners preserve the beauty and maturity of their trees while enhancing their residential landscapes.

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new planted tree in backyard

tree in the process of being planted

Preserve Your Trees,
Transform Your Home

With our residential tree planting and transplanting services, you can preserve your mature trees’ charm and natural aesthetics. Our expert team understands these trees’ emotional and environmental significance, and we employ advanced techniques to carefully relocate them within your property or to a new location nearby. By preserving your beloved trees, you can create a harmonious balance between your home improvements and the natural elements that make your property unique.

Expertise and Care:

With our residential tree services, you can either preserve your existing trees by relocating them on your property or we can enrich your landscape with new trees from our farm. By relocating your beloved trees, you preserve the natural elements that make your property unique. In the event that relocating is not possible, check out our trees here!

Enhance Your Landscape, Increase Property Value:

By employing our planting or transplanting services into your residential projects, you bring added interest by creating that mature landscape look. Mature trees add instant shade, character, and privacy to your property, creating a sense of establishment. Additionally, by incorporating larger trees into your landscape it significantly increases the value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Professional Residential
Tree Services

Transform your residential landscape with the help of Melad Tree Farm’s tree planting and transplanting services. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements, schedule a consultation, and receive expert advice on the best solution for your landscape. Our professional team is dedicated to our customers and looks forward to helping you!