"Nate Melad and his crew were a Godsend to us. I had been working on getting a special tree (our sister/friend's ashes were placed around this tree and had fed it for five years) moved from a private home up in the hills off of Hwy 21 and replant it in Fruitland, Idaho, for almost two years. The tree company I had contracted with initially backed out of the contract and I, and the family, were devastated. I called Nate and pleaded with him to help me fulfill my dream of moving Tricia's Tree. I may add that this was no small task and it was smack dab in his busy season. Nate was very busy but let me know that he would try and work my request into his schedule as he knew this was a very special tree. I might add that Tricia's Tree was located IN the hills and you had to drive a mile up a steep and winding dirt road. He not only moved Tricia's Tree but was extremely professional and caring at the same time. I cannot recommend his and his crew's service high enough. They went above and beyond and even though one crew member had to get to his other job within a very short time, they still took the time and effort to get it done all in one day! Nate and his crew are my hero's, my families hero, and all of Tricia's friends' hero. Again, above and beyond. Best tree service you can ask for. because think about it and called me back a week later to tell me that even though they were in the midst of his busy season that he would move our special tree, and he did. I cannot express my gratitude enough to him for taking on this monumental task."

Lori O'Leary